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Payal's Kitchen


Quality and consistency are my two pillars. And my products are an example of that.

Brand Name : Payal's Kitchen


Name : Payal Valera


Zomato :

Instagram Handle : @payals_kitchen

Google Business :

Facebook Page : @PayalsKitchenVeg

Just Dial :

What made you started to think about Baking?

Our short stay in Canada allowed me to use the hob in the kitchen there. That’s when the baking bug bite me and love for Bagels made me bake.

What's baking to you and how is it different from regular cooking ?

For me baking is my passion and test of my patience. I can never be a patient person but while baking it magically comes to me. Cooking is sometime stressful as it’s a part of daily chores but on the other hand baking is a stress buster.

If you have to explain who are you and what's baking to you in one line , what would it be ? It could be your tagline :)

About me no but yes a one line about my baking would be “Homemade is always healthy”.

What's your opinion about food scenes in Hyderabad for Home Bakers ? How much tough is to setup and establish?

Sadly, Hyderabadi’s don’t have much of liking for home bakers, they always want to compare our prices to the store prices. But when it comes to quality comparison they turn a blind eye. It’s very difficult to start as a  home baker, but when people know the difference they do come back. My clients are only repeated ones or new ones also come with a word of mouth, which takes time.

What's the best feedback/comment you got from your customer that you cherish till date?

I have been lucky to have the best of the feedback from every client, naming one would be an injustice to others.All my feedback are cherished by me. I always share my feedback screen shots on my page.

What do you want to resonate with your customers via your creations?

Quality and consistency are my two pillars. And my products are an example of that. I also want to say that healthy can also be tasty as I bake a lot of healthy and yummy goodies.

Whats your signature products and recommendations?

Brownies, Focaccia bread, chocolate cake, Bagels with homemade cream cheese and Doughnuts.

How can a customer order your products and what are available media/pricing/etc.?

Facebook page:

Insta handle: payals_kitchen

Google business :

Zomato : Check out Payal's Kitchen on @Zomato!

What's next steps in your baking career and/or passion?

I am presently trying to get as many clients as possible and want people to eat healthy and homemade stuff. I want to promote healthy eating too.

What's to change for home bakers to be more influential in Hyderabad Food scenes?

I myself see a lot of change in the Home baking scene in Hyderabad, since I started 3-4 yrs ago. We are still a long way to go. Another thing I would want to change is the perception towards pricing. Though we don’t charge higher still people are skeptical to order from home bakers. I try my best to give my clients best price with no frills, I don’t use highly charged packing and decorating stuff which helps a lot in cost reduction.

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