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Celebrations Cafe & Patisserie


We believe that you don't necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy the good things in life!  Pamper yourself and indulge in the homemade goodness of Celebrations !

Brand Name : Celebrations Cafe & Patisserie

Name : Deva Suman Kumar

& Inthiyaz Ahamed Basha


Phone : 9704831667

Email :

Instagram Handle : @celebrations___

Website : -

Facebook Page : @homeoffabulouscakes

Order Media : Facebook, Instagram, Zomato, UberEats & Swiggy

What made you started to think about Baking?

My Friend Inthiyaz has the Midas touch when it comes to cooking & baking and he started baking brownies for friends and family initially. One order lead to another, until we were asked to do a bake sale in Events , later we bought our second oven and started serious store operations.

What's baking to you and how is it different from regular cooking ?

Baking is nothing but a specific kind of cooking, where cooking is done by dry heat, particularly refers to cooking in an oven. Baking generally involves a leavening, such as yeast, such as flour, a grain base, water or milk, oils, eggs, or flavors used in preparing breads, cakes, pies and pastries.

If you have to explain who are you and what's baking to you in one line , what would it be ? It could be your tagline :)

As a Hyderabadi you are said to be born with an insatiable appetite for sweets and desserts, such craving would have definitely made you scour the Internet by searching on Facebook foodie groups and Zomato hunting for those delectable & appealing dishes.

What's your opinion about food scenes in Hyderabad for Home Bakers ? How much tough is to setup and establish?

        The comfort of digging into something homemade is a novelty that stands the test of time; Explosion of flavors upon taste buds, the cornucopia of textures and the aromas of nostalgia and delight all provide for the perfect escapism for the indulger.

       Whenever I have to quickly analyze the feasibility of a business, I break down the business into two factors. Market and financials.

What's the best feedback/comment you got from your customer that you cherish till date?

We are lost for words when all our  customers leave such feedback notes on the table about cakes , brownies and cupcakes  !

"Sometimes, it's the celebrations Cafe that matter the most...." Reviews like these keep us going... We are delighted to have served you, Thank you all for making our day awesome !

What do you want to resonate with your customers via your creations?

    Our products appearance needs to resonate with your target audience.Matching our product or service reflecting who we are & who we want to become.

    The professionalism and consistency of our products directly reflects upon the professionalism and consistency clients will expect to receive from our side

Whats your signature products and recommendations?

Constantly bettering the product, never compromising on the quality, coupled with personal deliveries to customers hence getting to know the customers personally and allowing customers to put a face to the brand Celebrations  has worked exceptionally well for us in the last 4 -5 months 

How can a customer order your products and what are available media/pricing/etc.?

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Zomato, UberEats & Swiggy and order your share of homemade goodness! 

What's next steps in your baking career and/or passion?

The philosophy drives our passion to bring you the joy and goodness of homemade desserts at unbelievably affordable prices . With recipes carefully sourced from around the world , our diverse array of desserts are made with high quality ingredients and whole lot of Love .

What's to change for home bakers to be more influential in Hyderabad Food scenes?

As a home baker, there is certain perk of having to use the best ingredients possible without ever having to compromise on quality or taste & which doesn’t lighten your pocket. Our product is almost half in price that our commercial competitors but better in taste and quality.

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