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Angaara Royale


       Angaara Royale is dream child of Mr. Hyder Raza Managing Director after tasting success touching the blue mountains, We Started our new operations in Miyapur, Hyderabad offering the best food in town and catering to more than Half a Million customers. Its an attempt to blend the royale hyderabadi culture in a combination of New Facility with embodiment of the old world charm.

Seating Arrangements are exhaustive and done with so much of class and aristry in it.

    Mehfil-E-Rubaiyat - Main Fine Dining Seating Area with Paintings, Gold armchairs, with white marble partially 

    carpeted and majestic rare crystal chandeliers.

    Diwan-E-Khas - A private dining space for around 12-14 people which gives ample privacy with your dear n near.

    Sky Light - An open terrace area that gives you some stunning view(s) of the area and serves you some creatice


    Sherlock - 40+ Pax dining area that brings out the colonial era feel and provides projector and connectivity angles

    for conferences or personal gathertings

    Valentine - For your special one for your special ceremony or occasion , tailer made for a lovely feast experience.


Visit Scenario:

      My 200th review in Zomato. I'm still amazed of how last 6 months had made me into a hardcore foodie and reviewer when before that I didn't even exist in Zomato... It has been one heck of a Gastro Hogger journey for me. Along this journey, I have made tons of foodie friends and met some amazing foodie geniuses , food passionists and what not.. Since it was a milestone for me n fellow foodie Zubair Zuby Zu (300th Review) , we decided to visit some place unique and that defines a different experience and we zeroed in Angaara Royale.

Ambiance (Decor & Interiors):

       Now where do I start for this place. They open d door and Wola U r transported to a Gold + Black Themed royale grandeur screaming royalness everywhere. The black color elevates the golden touch that is in every single corner of the place. Be it the majestic High chairs that welcome you, golden framed paintings, Rich red Chandliers, Golden twail curtains, luxurious glassware. Everything speaks volumes of detailing gone into the planning and designing. It definitely needs a Salute for the vision and execution. Having a 70+ pax capacity dining in 4th floor (along with 20 member exclusive family private section) and open terrace 5th Floor, this place did tell me it got the right goods to impress or rather knock you down with its ambiance. But is that enough? Well read below

Food & Quality:

         We ordered Mocktails - Strawberry rose, Vergine Pina Colada and Mint & Ginger Mojita. They all tasted good and my pick was strawberry rose. For starters - we went with Murgh Angara (Served in a grand sword arrangement), Gosht Ghilafi Shek Kebab (Mutton) and Nawabi Murgh. Nawabi Kebab impressed me while others two went down hill. We wrapped up with main course with Butter Naans along with Martaban ka gosht and Gosht Angara. My pick of the day was hands down Martaban ka Gosht (richly flavored and served in traditional Martaban - pickle jar) and richness of Ghee did the justice. Gosht Angara also was amazing with rich cashew flavors providing some amazing experience. To me this was a bad -> OK food experience.

Service & Hospitality:

         I will tell you why this place knocked me off for 2 reasons. Ambiance that can make u go WOW for a long time and still feel Staff left us felt "Where are we?". Simply put THEY R IN LOST WORLD. They have no clue what's going on, captain serves the table, waiters sometimes take orders and no co-ordination. This place should provide you a royal experience to pair up with Ambiance it serves you visually. But then it falls flat on your face and you think OMG what a sin for such a beauty.


        Its a good place to just unplug yourself into a mesmerising ambiance and have some relaxing time with decent food. Live Music by Shyam was d HIGHLIGHT as his voice was amazing, soothing and awesome collection. Made our day for an otherwise OKish experience.

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