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#ACTivateLearning #ActFibernet #ACTBroadband #OnlineLearning

ACTivate Learning - A Digital Metamorphosis 

                         Everyone is now aware that the whole world has experienced a paradigm shift in every aspect of living in and around us. It's not a temporary but a permanent change in our lives for generations to come. Hence many have started terming it THE NEW NORMAL. Well good or bad, like it or not, its prevalent already and many are in the process of transitioning. Each aspect of this transition has its own pros and cons. And mainly is our social interaction and its aspects. Everything is remote now and its all online - be it shopping grocery, essentials, food, or for that each aspect of your living requirement. 

                           Many of the working professionals have already adapted to the style of working remote and online from Mar and its already 4+ months in this mode. Is it a welcome change, not sure? But just when we feel it's only about job goers, it comes into a huge challenge for all parents across the county. How would kids continue their education? No more real classes and schools? Are they going to forget their teachings? What's next? More than the job situations, this has been the MOST STRUGGLING CHANGE for everyone. It's not an easy transition for educational institutes to adopt this ONLINE LEARNING and infrastructure for the same. Though many top-end schools have it earlier, the majority are unlearning themselves in this huge digital transformation. Well, unlike other transitions, this is one of the toughest as it involves OUR CHILDREN. It's not so easy for them to adapt where they are used to seeing teachers physically, learning amongst their friends, playing, writing homework, and much more. Every aspect of the physical interaction has been compromised for them and at this age, that's a huge and challenging time. It's easy for us to adapt as we can understand the need but for them, it's like THEIR WHOLE WORLD has changed.

#ACTivateLearning #ActFibernet #ACTBroadband #OnlineLearning

                                           As a parent of a 10-yr old and 7-yr old twins (all daughters), it's beyond challenge as I have to balance my working aspect and also work with my wife to make them understand this change. These were the kids who were jumping high on daily basis stating this is their longest vacation from school but as news roll out and no more schools is in air, I can visually see they going down and unable to be with their teachers and school mates. It's not an easy job to make them adapt to this. Online Teaching is a new norm for both sides of this scale. Both teachers have to learn/master/execute this online portal way of teaching while some of them might not even be tech-savvy. On the other side are the energetic kids who cannot be controlled all day at home. When it comes to online classes, we talk about these two dimensions and we are in the toughest phase of trying to set up a striking balance between teachers and our kids on a daily basis. But little in this chaos, we understand that there is a COMPLETE THIRD DIMENSION which is the most crucial fulcrum in this ONLINE LEARNING. Its something we as adults cannot seem to live without and that's nothing else than INTERNET BROADBAND.

                                     Yes, indeed the integral part of our lives, broadband connection plays a more than a vital role in this LEARNING METAMORPHOSIS. A strong solid reliable internet broadband connection can make or break this change. Believe it or not. I see it my own eyes my elder's daughter experience taking classes for over 1-2 weeks now. It sets the whole mood and vibes for her to learn or just pass along with the rest of the class digitally. Often we say a proper foundation and infrastructure embraces the whole experience be it anything. Like, unless your house foundation is so strong and accommodative, no fancy decor or designing will cover up a bad foundation. The whole purpose dies right there. The same is in this case, Broadband strength and consistency places a key role to ensure the children don't have to worry about hang-ups, slow video rendering, or that any digital issues. Uninterrupted internet sets a positive vibe to have the most impactful digital interaction with their teachers and as well as schoolmates. The whole speed-driven experience ensures a kid's mindset is up and exciting to take classes. They shouldn't end up having staggered buffering and see the DEAD WHEEL Spinning which would set a completely off mood on them. 

#ACTivateLearning #ActFibernet #ACTBroadband #OnlineLearning

                                        In these times, it's more about HOW THEY LEARNING THAN WHAT THEY ARE LEARNING. Ain't we, as a parent I ensure I keep the following things in my top list as I and Tharnika, my elder angel prepared to start taking online classes

- Sustainable and most reliable broadband provider in my area
- Identified and converted part of the house where she will sit and take classes
- water bottle, notebooks, class books,  pencils, sharpness, all other school accessories
- ergonomic aspects of her seating, laptop arrangement(s), power sockets, proper head-phones and back-ups and all
- All digital accessories required to be on a full charge at the start of the day
- Regular breaks between classes to relax and stretch out
- bright lights and some positive vibe things like flowers, her favorite toys on the side

#ACTivateLearning #ActFibernet #ACTBroadband #OnlineLearning

                               Most importantly being there and giving the assurance to my daughter and keeping the smile throughout her full day was a must. The secure feeling of being in trusted hands and trusted broadband sets the tone for any kid to take online classes as a supporting and embracing change than a forced transition which they don't have the heart in it.


                                Homes everywhere, are becoming mini-schools. Most of the parents and teachers are grappling with the change as much as they can. Amidst this paradigm shift from classroom learning to online learning, we, at ACT Fibernet have started a knowledge-sharing initiative, #ACTivateLearning, for parents, students, and teachers.
#ACTivateLearning endeavors to bridge the information gap and ease the transition to desks to desktops for all stakeholders in education.

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