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meeraj's palm arabiana



eat - play - party

                         Often being in the city of Nizams, we often look at places to hang out with our friends and families and most importantly stay off the buzz from the ever-crowded city. But then, there are not that many spots for you to get something for everyone and that's a huge challenge for mainly a family man like me. Weekends become more demanding for me to choose places where kids want to go but the wife isn't excited and vice versa. This is an ongoing battle for us and its not an easy puzzle to solve. In journey to this ever-challenging, I always use the help of Google Baba and often fail in the attempt. Via one of my foodie friends, got to know about this place and on looking up found something different, something unique and most importantly One of its kind in Hyderabad. Yes, I'm talking about "MERAJ's PALM ARABIANA" situated in Gandhiguda, Shamshabad almost an hour drive from the city main but easily accessible via the ORR.

                    When it comes to distance, yes its a bit distant from the main city but that's what exactly makes this venue the perfect place to just be with your loved ones far away from the huzz-buzz of the city madness. Other than that, you don't feel any issue in visiting this place (as long as you follow google maps). When it comes to what they offer , its as simple as their motto - EAT - PLAY - PARTY.

                   With a passion for hospitality and delivering the taste of authentic cuisines of India, Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, Meraj’s Group has come up with a unique venture on a vast highway-adjacent land of 5 acres. As the demand for Arab food is constantly growing in India and the very nature of the friendly city, Hyderabad is all about exploring new tastes and embracing vibrant cultures, Palm Arabiana - a themed destination, has introduced a dedicated food court, serving Arabic dishes, along with nostalgic cuisines from the south and north of India as well as street foods and western bites.Apart from six different divisions of the food court, with Kabul Darbar as flagship Afghan-Arabic food joint, Palm Arabiana presents a perfect experience for family and community recreation, with entertainment and play zones for all age groups, such as camel rides, beach volleyball, off-road dirt biking, giant wheel, and open ground seating.

                            When it comes to facilities , they got you covered above and beyond what you would need as a gan g of friends or family or a big group visiting or even people planning their special occasions. Below are their facilities they have and I cannot imagine anything beyond to be comfortable - safe and enjoy being with your loved ones.

Spacious Parking
A big parking space with an on-duty watchman is available throughout the opening hours.


Multiple dining options
6 different food courts with multiple cuisine options, suiting the pocket of all stand on Palm Arabiana grounds


RO treated water
Safe drinking water is available for all at no extra charges.


Celebrity spaces
Palm Arabiana has secret celebrity spaces to provide a quiet space to all who wish to visit discreetly.


Private room for women
A private room for women is available to be used as a baby feeding room or for any other reason.


The whole Palm Arabiana campus has wifi connection and reach.


Multiple venue options
Palm Arabiana has 2 venue options – an open ground to host a small gathering of 50, and a centralized AC enclosed venue space ‘Noor Banquets’ to hold a medium or big sized gathering of 50 or more.


Driver chabutra
Palm Arabiana has a driver’s space on the grounds to offer all a relaxing stay.

                               When it comes to the sports activities, they have got you covered as well including KHELO, a complete indoor gaming section, Net cricket ground , volley ball ground, Go-Karting and much more and a completely well equipped park. And for the kids you might ask , and they have a good setup of all the kids rides including camel ride, horse ride ,shooting , archery and much more. Each ride is around 50-60 Rs per kid including the shooting and archery which I feel is very much competitive and worth it. 

The camel ride  (60 Rs) , horse ride (60 Rs) , London Train ride (100 Rs) all opens up on afternoon when the real crowd starts coming in and its all about the buzz and lovey vibes the place sets in. If this doesnt give all you need, I ain't sure what would :) 

                   If that doesn't excite you as a family person, then bring out the foodie out and get spoilt of dining options they provide (refer image below) . Most of them starts in afternoons when the crowd stops coming in and you hardly to get to find any seats. I was more focused to try their offerings in their signature Arabian restaurant - KABUL DARBAR. Finding good authentic Arabian cuisine is a rarity in Hyderabad. Though there are many, I hardly find them to focus on the authenticity but more to cater the spice oriented Hyderabadi palate. When I got seated into their private HUT setup (they were gracious to arrange everything ahead of my visit for my family). They got around 20 huts for private dining with full facilities including lights, fan and much more and very comfortable seating.


                 As the food started coming, I felt its OK I can do it but man I was so wrong in just 10 minutes of the dishes coming back to back. We started with SUMMER NOODLES SALAD (180 Rs) . What looks like your typical mayo salad gave us WOW feeling as we started munching it. The chilled sauce and the fresh crunchy noodles , just left us so satisfied that we completed it in a jiffy. Next came in FATTOUSH SALAD (180 Rs) and again freshness and apt use of zattar and spices to add complimentary to the fresh vegetables. This is another must try.  Then came the much awaited HUMMUS (180 Rs)which looked just loaded with olive oil and as I scoped in one bite, I was like WOW MAN!! these guys do know that they are doing. That yum.  

                  Next came the meat offerings which gave me meat sweats in no time as it engulfed us with their aroma, flavors and sheer quantity as well. First we tried, PATHANI SHEEK KEBAB (400 Rs) which was absolutely gorgeous and flavor packed. The perfectly spiced kebabs were just pure melt in your mouth kind and finally I found a place where that shiny green sauce they usually served with tandoor items made sense. The combination was apt. Then , MUTTON CHOPPAN (Arabian style lamb chops at 450 Rs) looks so charred and quite smokey but guess what that's the whole aspect which gives the perfect texture and apt flavor profiles. One of the most meatiest lamb chops I have ever had. Wish there was more chops for the pricing.

                         Next came in DEGI CHICKEN (full bird at 450 Rs) a Arabian style chicken completely marinated in dry spices and tandoored to perfection. This chicken though looking so dry was just fall of the bone kind. All I had to do was just put gentle pressure and every piece of thicken just fell apart. Mainly the crispy chicken with the super soft chicken inside and those Tangdi legs. Oh man, it was food coma for me period. SAMAK AL-IRAQI , another middle eastern fish preparation (where they served the whole fish priced at 2000 Rs) was the monster among all but unfortunately with too many fish bones and quite weird spice rub, it didn't feel right. The char and smoke were perfect but somehow I didn't feel for the type of fish and wasn't excited as I was for other dishes. Finally from the aggressive starters attack, they served LOOSE FRIED PRAWNS (450 Rs) which had humongous prawns (probably the biggest I have eaten) with mild garlic and Asian spices tossed with nice load of garlic. The flavors were bang on and the prawns were aptly cooked. Another must try dish <3. As we literally drenched ourselves into meat coma, I asked for a time out. I then just wandered around the property not to relish the summer but more importantly to digest the food attack we just did and to make some space for round #2 (the mains and the desserts) . Such was the food portions that my family felt we ate a whole 2 day routine in one sitting. 

                            After a good 30-45 mins break of digesting those amazing dishes and relaxing ourselves, we got back to the restaurant hut to try their mains and desserts. First one was PAYA NALLI NIHARI (450 Rs) - A Hyderabadi classic and the color, the aroma and those two meaty mutton trotters just got us go GAGA. That first bite of the classic makes you wanna go again and again. Such intense flavors and aroma making it one of the best I have had. Along with OLIVE & GARLIC NAANS . Yes, you read it right , Olive naans. Literally drenched in shaved olives, these naans were another level. Coming back to the Nihari, easily one of the best I have . At 450 Rs, I felt the worth for the price.

                         Then came in another Arabian dish made with intense green chilies named MUTTON ROSH curry which looked so fire-some and yes indeed to its look , it was super spicy and the chili kick was just too much but that ultra-super soft meat made it worth the taste. It may not appeal to many spice loving palates for sure. Both the naans were splendid. Now comes the HERO OF THE FEAST - RAAN MANDI . Priced at 1800 Rs and need to be ordered a day ahead, it just looks massive - I mean HULK massive. See it in person to believe it. Coming to flavors, its unlike the Mandi we have had which as that rich mutton broth flavors and loads of dry fruits. Well this Arabian version (not sure how authentic it is), has loads of turmeric and simple flavored rice , tastes different but kids literally loved the rice. I personally liked it but would always go back to the Mandi rice we savor in the city. But coming to the meat, man it was huge but completely cooked to perfection. The whole leg of raan was just fall of the bone and mildly spiced but cook on it makes it delectable and easily 7-8 people can gorge on it for sure. Its definitely an experience to share and enjoy. Do try it if you go as a pack.

                        Last but not the least, the final push from the management was their desserts and literally had no inch of my tummy to take this but as a foodie YOU NEVER SAY NO TO DESSERTS :P . We tried their BADAM KHEER , UMMALI & QUBANI KA MEETHA (each priced at 150 Rs per item) and I should say almost all three were super delicious. Though was completely stuff, I could try all 3 of them easily. Qubani ka meetha as such was good but the over chilled vanilla ice cream on top of it played a bit spoilsport for me otherwise good quality of apricots used. Badam Kheer was loaded with pistachios and lovely flavors If I had to pick #1, it would be UMMALI and it was brilliantly made. The super soft and warm breads balanced with the saffron flavors and the overall experience was TOP NOTCH.                      

                               At the end of this feast extravaganza. we want to explore the venue in the evening. As we stepped out could see the place well lit like heaven on earth. It was fully decked up and packed up as well. Loads of families and group thronged this place like festival and it was so comforting to see so many activities going around and so many happy faces.

                  A place where your family and kids enjoy the most is definitely every man's heaven on earth. I believe this place is deserving as much attention and media coverage as much as it works cost-wise and providing a holistic experience for the guests. From the price perspective, I think a whole family can enjoy a whole day experience for around 3000 Rs easily yet have so much activities for the kids to do. They open up at 1:00 PM and close only at 1:00 AM which gives you a completely 12 hours to enjoy there if you want to. This place seems to be the favorite among travelling groups crossing by and that's quite evident that only because the place serves good food and giving them a complete experience.

              I feel this is the best I can personally recommend as a family outing if you are bored of the routine resort 1-day activity packages where you don't do most of the activities included as you just want to spend time with your family. This place provides plethora of activities which you pick and choose and cost wise it doesn't pinch much. Don't miss to dine at their Kabul Darbar as after my feast here, I can easily recommend them as such for their delectable Arabian offerings. Huge Quality, nice bold flavors and completely authentic to the recipes and service as such makes it a complete package.

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