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100 Pipers : Celebrating 12 Years of Maturity 

      100 Pipers is one of the most popular brand of standard blended scotch whisky with smoked notes and is well known for the smoothness it delivers. Celebrating 12 years of maturity, the brand wanted to showcase the travel of life experiences of an individual in line with their 12 years of celebrations as well.


        What better way to collaborate and iterate this primary intention than bringing in South Indian Actor , R Madhavan who himself has re-invited himself after a lull and is now radiating more energy, maturity and life insight based on his travel experiences.

       The event was hosted at Trident Hyderabad on 13th October , Friday which was a perfect arena for Friday fun and relaxation. Of course, Hyderabad rain gods played the spoil sport and almost the entire city went into stall mode. The event in deed got delayed and started but then eager fans and also fellow media and food bloggers along with media , everybody were super excited to get a glimpse of the star and of course hear what he had to share.

What started as a casual typical star interview slowly went into candid mode which slowly caught my attention. Madhavan was subtle and grounded in his responses which looked a bit cautious of his stardom value but then realized it had lots of maturity and experiences embedded inside it.  When questioned about what did he do to re-invent himself after flops, Madhavan quotes, “I travelled, met people, shared experiences tried to live normal life and identify what gave me the real happiness”. The conversation slowly drifted of how last 12 years has been personally and professionally.


   He was very candid to bring out laughter and at the same time deep insight into how his perspective of looking things changed when he was in down south, his wife , quote says “As long as we don’t go back to our 1 BHK flat in Mumbai, Do what you think”. That line got to me as how as a big pillar, his wife has been able to support him to be HIMSELF as a star and more importantly to be a humble husband and a grounded & practical dad just like any one of us.

When asked about the most unique lesson he learnt of how you re-invent himself, he quoted the two phased life cycle of THE BALD EAGLE which somewhere at its mid age has to sculpt or literally destroy itself to re-grow its beak, claws and the feathers so that it can live for another 30-40 years. The story got to most of us as we could see WHAT WE THINK IS LIFE NEEDN’T BE IT ONCE YOU KNOW HOW TO SEE IT RIGHT.


   He also explained of his son Vedanth and this current Gen X are so ahead in terms of technology knowledge but at the sam time more responsible than our generation. His perspective of how to look at his own life after thinking to be healthy was more from ta mind set and not a strict dietary life style which I personally thought he would say “Eat Healthy.. Stay Healthy” . But throughout in his conversation, he never said anything about eating healthy. He insisted of thinking humbled and think healthy and to just have a tangible goal of “Start your day with notion to be healthy”. 

  When asked about questions, he then knew that fans and audience are equally important and he candidly said, lets talk with our lovely people over there and then we started interacting through a very informal and casual Q & A. I was also anxious to ask a lot of questions and then I did finally for which I felt he answered in multiple tones and everything made sense. He graciously was patient enough to handle everybody's question and with of course his trademark smile. 

    Then came the biggest surprise for everyone when the host said she will pick up 3 random lucky people to click selfie with him. Hr understood that audience are always to be respected and then he said , he will come to each table and take proper group photo with everyone in the room and everyone went on "AWWWW" mode and I really didn't expect that a big star to do that. He was patient to do as promised and took his own sweet time to ensure everyone was clicked with him.  I truly respect now him as a human being who has matured over live human emotions to connect with more than a star. 

   The night ended with a scrumptious dinner hosted by Trident along with some amazing drinks and bar from 100 pipers Scotch Whiskey and Vodka. The people just enjoyed the whole event and everybody felt satisfied with such a unique event.

 Thanks to 100 Pipers India for organizing such one of a kind event and Weber Shandwick for the invite and of course such a unique return gift of 12 yrs blended scotch whiskey . This one of a kind event could not have gotten any better than with a fitting finale gift. Of course , this event has made me realize, Madhavan as an actor may have captured millions of fans but I'm now one of the fans who respect him as a matured human, a well balanced being and his vision of not having superlative but more tangible goals. The term "Tangible goals" has now stuck to me <3


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