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Jonathan's Kitchen


             Jonathan's Kitchen is part of one of the brands from Curry House. It is part of Holiday Inn Express & Suits along with Komatose. The place has been known about its exquisite and elaborate cusine fusion and for most part of it I have heard much for their sushis mainly. This place has been in my WISH List (not my pending list) for many a reasons and I wish it couldn't have been timed and done better than an invite from owner Mr. Raashid Ali  to celebrate Friendship Day brunch with them along with some of the most exciting foodies I know off. You don't need to read the review to know the verdict. The place has got an aura and if you like to hang out with friends and drinks are your priority with some good food choices, DO NOT HESITATE, just hit this place PERIOD.

               As you enter, you get to walk onto a vast canvas of fine dining decor with so spacious seating and eloborated design to keep it simple but at the same time give you feel of it.  Komatose is neatly tucked inside to give the crowd a private ambiance to enjoy their drinks and of course relish live bar setup. JK on the other side, is a complete decored buffet place with needed and required decor and nothing over the top.

Note: This review experience is based on Management Invite for their Friendship Day Sunday Brunch Experience and was on the house & review shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

Mocktails :

            Bar crew David and Kiran will ensure to dish up any variant of cocktails or mocktails based on your wish and also their regulars. I tasted many of their mocktails and cocktails which they kept serving us back to back.

Litchi Cooler, Pina Colada and many more - All mocktails tasted fresh vibrant and nothing over the top or dullish. Everything had a place for the drinks experience and served of course beautifully.

Pina Colada
Litchi Cooler

You got David from the bar team and worry not to select a cocktail, jus ttell him what you expect, he will enthrall you on anything. Man What an array of drinks did he make itp for us without even thinking much of it. Each one outsmarted the other and boy-o-boy were we in heaven :) D BEST TIMES OF DRINKS PERIOD

Chilli Martini - Typical fresh martini with a dash of simple green chilli seeds infused and served along with a slice fo green chilli. Boy if you love spicy drink, you will go mad with this. Amazing is an understatement.


Cuba Libre - White Rum, lime juice & cola, sounds simple right? Well test it when dished by David, and you will go for its simple yet elegant smoothness of it. WOW again

Old Fashioned - You just cannot go wrong with itand they made it top notch. One of the best ones I have had ever period.

Gin Fusion - Customized drink with gin and strawberry - MAN this was heavenly. Could keep gulping it back to back.

Beer-rita - again customized drink. I asked david to make a cocktail out of beer and with no time comes this beautif with draught beer infused with strawberry jam syrup and tinch of pepper and the combination was heavenly.

Dirty & Funky  - Another cusotmized drink with adapted version of "jager bomb" this one with diff syrup base on orange juice . From preparation to presentation looked killer, and boy you should have it. IF you are a hardcore lover of elegant drinks, this would easily go as one of them.

Old Fashioned
Beer Cocktail with strawberry jess
Fusion Gin
Cuba Libra

     Side by side, we were served multiple servings of lip smacking starters , most of it which were superb and almost spot on except may be one dish.

Veg Quesadilla - A veg starter topping my list. I went multiple rounds with. The most authentic version and lip smacking.

Achari Paneer Satay - Another innovative dish served with peanut sauce, the cook on the paneer and still retaining the softness, amazing.

Soya Shammi Kebab - Innovation spoke about this right when we saw it. On initial tasting felt a more of haleem cake but then as we savoured more, we could enjoy the softness and smoothness from soya but still giving you the kebab feel. Amazing dish again..

Badami Murgh - Another well cooked and served dish. The cook on the chicken and the spice elvel was so apt for finger food and went amazingly well with the cocktails.

5 Spice Fish - This chinese variant was subtle and aptly spiced and fish was again cooked superbly. The dish again synchronized with my drinks and so overall no complaints.

BBQ chicken Wings - Now who wouldnt love this and the juicy wings well cooked and dipped in amazing BBQ sauce was nothing sort of spot on. I loved them as it made us go lick-smacking for multiple rounds :)

Shrimp Cocktail - The most innovative of the dish I had in the brunch. Lightly butter poached shrimps server on cocktail glass served with cocktail sauce which I believe has chili sauce, ketchup, horseradish, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce. The dish attracted each one of us and on tasting, we felt it was simpley superb. MUST TRY.

Whole Wheat Sandwich - A healthy dish in midt of unlimited drinks and spicy starters, Quite interesting and of course with the sauce, it was something uniquely different in midst of the madness.

Nasi Goreng - This was the only main entree` I had for the evening after so much of drinks and I had to rush back. The dish was simple and served in a single serving style for a person. The rice was cooked well but I would liked the egg a bit more half cooked and running more like sunny side up , whcih would have made the whole experience a tad better. Rice with the fully cooked egg was good to have but could have been better compared to the entire food experience I had that evening.

Service & Hospitality:

            The man himself Mr. Raashid was there to invite us , be with us throughout the brunch and made sure we were taken care at the same time had fun. The bar crew David and Kiran were brilliant and hands on everything and ensured drinks kept flowing to us without gap. Chef Naveen thought couldnt talk in person ensured dishes kept coming in free flow and almost eveything was hot , fresh and amazingly tasty. What else a relaxing and lazy Sunday brunch ask for ?.


    Jonathan's Kitchen,at a steal deal price of 999 Rs AI including unlimited drinks and 5-course meal and a lovely host and amazing bar crew, you dont need brains to fiure out where to head for a relaxing, fun filled hang out place and some lovely food on a Sunday Brunch. Just get up, gear up, head and I'm sure you wouldnt be disappointed.

Note : This review experience is based on Management Invite for their Friendship Day Sunday Brunch Experience and was on the house & review shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

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