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Guilt Trip Madhapur


                        Guilt Trip is one of the go to places whenever any hyderabadi mind thinks of desserts manly cheesecakes and pastries with no compromise on quality and not so bomb on prices. Banjara hills branch was in my bucket list being a sweet tooth myself , I had no complaints when a big gang of foodies meetup and I absolutely loved the whole experience. No Wonder the name justifies the guilty pleasure you get when you taste some amazing desserts. Coming from a strong bunch of passionate entrepreneurs Mr Yogi (finance and Director for his constructions business as well), Mr. Chaitanya (Partner and Chef) and Mr. Avinash Reddy (Managing Partner) , the place when deciding to expansion has picked up the right area to strike it big. Madhapur is always a place to go for experimenting something different and they coming in this sector only proves they plan and execute. Opened on 21st October, the place definitely enticed me and when we planned a mid week lunch meetup with fellow foodies, venue couldn't be any easier. Overall. Guilt Trip Madhapur showed me consistency and quality which are key for a dessert based outlet.

         Taher Bhai had already ordered few starters before we landed and as we sat down, we started our conversation with Partner/Chef Mr. Chaitanya who was suggesting few dishes and they started to come in without much delay.We started off with Roasted Chicken Pizza where in chicken, Italian herbs and of course typical pizza sauce was made almost to perfection and with the optimal thin crust , did the kick start magic. It was very good and sumptuous. This was followed by Chicken Salami Pizza with Olives and Jalapenos. This variant was my pick as the chicken salami was excellent and the fresh flavors from jalapenos and olives was amazingly mingling for an overall amazing pizza.

                   Next we moved on to burgers which started with Fried Chicken Burger which was our regular fried chicken patty burger with lettuce served with sauce and French fries. The bun was crunchy and soft at the same time and the chicken was cooked perfectly. It could have been elevated with some amazing ranch or some unique sauce within the patty and burger bun to give it an unique experience but flavor wise its nothing to complaint. This was followed by Fried Mozzarella Cheese Burger with salsa which looked visually very appealing. Mozzarella cheese is always pictured as gluey and sticky but they have achieved to make it a regular party deep fried and amazingly on first bite, every one of us felt WOW. The cheese was aptly crispy on the outer while the inner most and cheesiness was preserved and that fresh salsa did the extra magic. The tanginess from the tomatoes married the not so dominant cheese flavor and together it was one of the most succulent burgers I have had in recent times.

                   The burger experiences followed by Lamb Bolognese which is basically penne pasta with Bolognese sauce . the sauce by itself has onions, celery and finely minced beef integrated into it and that when added to our Indian style kheema or minced meet, should have fared better but unfortunately may be because of mild temperature or not too perfectly cooked pasta, the dish fared slightly above average. It was like having a decent pasta with minced kheema from any Indian fanfare. Slightly disappointed in this dish and this was followed by Egg While Sandwich with spinach and French fries only to be presented with a basic egg white omlette with two bread slices (slightly toasted) and French fries and charred tomato slice. the omlette was very basic without much seasoning and with bread nor tomato it didn't quality to me as an omlette dish to be on the menu. Sorry but it needs major re-work even if its only priced at 120 INR.

                   With all of us hungry pandas focused on dessert, we couldn't say more on their food menu and ordered their mocktails to relax followed by their signature desserts array choices. The Mocktails included Berry Rosemary, Orange Basil Mojito both of which were absolutely refreshing and the color and the vibrancy were spot on and definitely made our palate with refreshing and clean. On the other hand, the 3Ls which is basically (Lime, Lemon, Lychee) was an average drink and it could have added a magic spin other than the main essence as all 3 combined didn't make any WOW flavor in me. Mocha Frappe and Caramel Frappe followed while the mocha variant was absolutely fresh and the coffee flavor dominated and at the same time cleaned our palates, the caramel frappe didn't have a tint of caramel feel in the drink. Though we could visually see the caramel sauce decored on the inner walls of the jar, nothing came out in terms of flavor other than the regular frappe flavor.

                   Now to the major attack of the lunch session desserts, we ordered Blueberry Cheese Cake, Death By Chocolate, Red Velvet New York Cheese Cake, Red Velvet Cheese Cake and Caramel Cheese Cake . Now in terms of my likings, I would rate first to Caramel Cheese Cake first though the caramel was not flowing over the cake and was meniscal and thin layered, the combination along with the cheese cake and crispy biscuit crust was amazing in terms of authentic flavors. Next comes Red Velvet Cheese Cake, which was having the puff cake fluffiness coupled with the rich red velvet flavor and the creamy cheese was amazing. Amazing and MUST TRY one. Blueberry Cheese Cake  was also equally amazing with the absolutely rich and guey blueberry essence or rather jam on top of blueberry cheese base was equally good and we finished it in a jiffy. Death by Chocolate  follows which was good but both visually and flavor wise delivered average experience. The chocolate sauce was too bitter for me though I love strong chocolate flavors. The pastry was very good but overall feel wasn't there and that's coming from a chocolate lover. The major disappointment came in the form of Red Velvet New York Cheese Cake which was very dry according to me and the cheese layer was again too hard and overall it gave a very dry version of cheese cake and the overall creamy layer couldn't enrich the experience either way. On feedback we were served, a medium heated strawberry cheese cake sampler and unfortunately since it cannot be microwaved too much , the top layer of essence tasted warm but still the core cheese layering was hard and was OKish again. then as complimentary, Mr. Chaitanya served as their min cupcakes which by themselves are very cute and nicely arranged in the front door area near the main road entrance. All variants, blueberry, chocolate, frozen , oreo all fared well and single bit servings made it more enjoyable to gulp them in single scoop and relish the overall cup cake quality in a mini bite version.

Service & Hospitality:

            Since the place was empty as it as weekday, and Chef Mr. Chaitanya by our side, service was prompt and nothing to majorly complaint or observe upon.


           Guilt Trip Madhapur has definitely impressed me with the pricing of almost all dishes between 100-200 INR across the entire menu of burgers, sandwiches, omlettes, pizzas and mocktails and frappes. The quality and the cook on most of the dishes during our lunch from the chef though its majorly focused dessert place impressed me and definitely its a good above VFM place to me for a light or even a full fledged meal apart from their signature desserts and cheese cakes in pastry section. The place is definitely going to put up a real fight in the area and with the right amount of noise and clear execution and no non-sense pricing menu, they will definitely make another successful venture in this location. I would want to see more from this outlet as I can frequent this place quite often and looking at their pastry section, I know for sure they are going to suck me every now and then for desserts and light foods. Its definitely a worthy place to visit and relish.

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