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    Capital Kitchen brings in a real global conglomeration of cuisines and some unique serve dishes to Hyderabad in d most competing era of newbies. The place newly opene in Madhapur has sufficient car parking facility and still is not that crowdy even on weekends. The place is yet to catch up crowd and after tasting their food, I felt its well deserving. As On a lazy early afternoon, I headed for a family dinner and was shocked to see place absolutely empty. Skepticism turned into foodgasm with the limited choices I made.

    Since it was early dinner, we didnt ponder much for mocktails which they either have dont have anything exciting, I ordered Say Cheese and Cheese Chicken Quesadilla . Say Cheese is typical cheese calls crispy fried and with side sweet chilli sauce and it was super yumm. Kids loved it and vanished in minutes. Chicken Quesadilla was nothing sort of foodgasm. The tortilla wrap and the perfectly cooked Chicken and lettue did the magic. The side Salsa and Sour Cream were pure bliss as well. Together this is the best quesadailla I have ever had.

Say Cheese
Say Cheese
Chicken Quesadilla
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           After fulfilling and satisfying starters, I opted for the Nasi Goreng and my wife optied for Butter naan with Malai Kofta Curry. Nasi Goreng an indonesian delicacy is not so easy dish to cook though it looks so simple but tough to crack. My best experience has been from Park Hyatt prepared by renowned chef Chef Gatot Tistsianto from Grand Hyatt, Jakarta. The presentation aspect of this dish from Capital Kitchen impressed me . The shrimp crackers, the fried sunnyside up egg , Chicken Satay and of course the chicken fried rice. Everything was spot on and the icing on the cake was the rich and superb peanut sauce. Let picture do the talking. One word - BLISS.


        Malai Kofta Curry on the other hand was extremely rich and flavorful with the buttery naans which just melted in mouth. The kofta was absolutely perfectly cooked and the rich malai on the topping elevated the richness. Both diehs proved common thing that chef is absolutely confident on his culinary skills

        For a lighter finale, we opted for Passion Fruit Creme Brulee on recommendation from Captain. The dish considering the pricing was so low quantity but I would now confidently say the flavor did the justice. The passion fruit essence was there but felt the caramelized sugr could have been more denser and felt could have notched more my experience.

Service & Hospitality:

            Service was top notch including Steward and Captain. IT was also good interaction with their Executive Chef MR. Hari who was frank and receptive about the feedback. Overall I felt it was warm and receptive service experience.


           Capital Kitchen for most part of it , impressed me big time in terms of the authenticity of the dishes , presentation and of course flavors. The only point I was not so comfortable for the pricing point which I felt was a bit pciy even considering the decor, ambiance and flavor elevations. I hope they visit the same and make it more reasonable for the area and if they hit it right, I think it would make waves. If VFM is your mantra, I would not definitely recommend this place.

Nasi Goreng
Malai Kofta
Butter Naan
Passion Fruit Cream Brulee
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